Every birth I have the honor of documenting is a deeply meaningful experience. Each one tells a unique story of anticipation, love, and the incredible moment when a new life enters the world. Recently, I had the privilege of being part of Lou’s birth story—a journey that began as a planned home birth but eventually […]

Capturing Your Birth Story: A San Francisco Birth Photography Session

Witnessing births is always a whirlwind of emotions and adrenaline, and this recent experience was no exception! I barely had 15 seconds to set up before snapping my first shot. With over a decade of experience as a birth photographer and Doula in San Francisco, moments like these truly highlight the value of my expertise. […]

Capturing Precious Moments: Birth Photography in San Francisco

If you are worried that your apartment is too small for an in-home newborn shoot don’t be! I have been doing photo sessions as a San Francisco newborn photographer for over a decade. We can always find the good light and make sure there aren’t distractions or clutter in the frame.  I always try to […]

Newborn Family Sessions in Small Spaces

I was the Doula for this amazing family for the birth of both of their babies. They moved away just before Covid. During this trip back they booked an Equinox Session with me. It was just so amazing to see them again and to play with the boys! The big trees of Golden Gate Park will grace the walls of their home back in Wisconsin. 

This session is proof that we don’t need a perfectly sunny day to make amazing images. It was a bit chilly and definitely gray but that’s ok! The images have their own mood!

San Francisco Family Mini Session Photoshoot

I could drool over this motherhood session all day. This is the kind of thing I wish every Mama would gift to herself. Of course there are often worries about what to wear or how we are feeling in our clothes. But look at this Mama?! She is beautiful in every way. The way she […]

San Francisco Motherhood Photo Shoot