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My history as a Doula has shaped me as a Photographer (and human)
As a Doula, I got to help people feel how strong and beautiful as they are. As a photographer, I get to show them proof.

I photograph women through the very potent portion of their lives: being pregnant, giving birth, and raising a family. I have always been fascinated with birth and babies. I was present at the birth of my sister when I was seven years old. Not only was I a postpartum Doula to my Mom, but I was also riding my bike to the drug store to get my film developed. I would run home from school everyday to see my baby sister, so unwilling to miss any of it. I still feel this fascination, and bring it with me to all my photography sessions. All of my work allows and requires me to be open, present and curious. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My business name is my given first and middle name. It is the perfect fit for me, as I have found my life’s work and feel honored to use the names my parents chose for me. I am drawn to work that allows for big transformation. I want to be there for women as the babies drop and the tears fall. I came into Photography and Doula work at the same time.
For now, my Doula bag is packed away as I raise my young daughter, but I am forever changed by my years holding your hands through birth. I approach photography the same way I approached my work as a Doula: I help create the environment for magic to happen. A safe space for you to feel more powerful and beautiful than you could ever imagine.


“Julia had such a special way of capturing life as a mother and artist both. My kids and I were so comfortable in her space and in her presence, which let her capture magical photos of this fleeting moment in our lives.” 

- Sara. S.

Thank you for your heart and your work.

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