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My style is a mix of lifestyle and documentary. I want to capture you as you truly are, but I also want to do it in the most beautiful light. I can’t help myself. Scroll down to learn more about my different offerings.

“They’re so good! Thank you!!! I think we were unlucky that that day was T’s grumpiest teething day, but you still managed to find so many wonderful moments and expressions. I’m so thrilled.” 

- Zan

Our family loved working with Julia. We recently did a shoot in Golden Gate Park amongst the trees and blooming flowers and she made the whole scene look incredible! 

- Jim S.

The photos came out absolutely beautiful. They are perfect and beyond anything we imagined. We cannot thank you enough for creating such beautiful, life-long keepsakes.” 


These 30 minute sessions were designed for those wanting to capture their family in all it's glory more frequently! We will capture all the magic of your growing family whether that be pregnancy, the first year or as they grow. These sessions are held weekdays in Golden Gate Park, SF. Limited availability offered in Spring and Fall only. 

Equinox sessions  

starting at $650

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Maternity Minis on Film 

These longer form sessions allow us to really tell your families story. We will go on an adventure that's tailored to your family. I'd be honored to be invited into your world, to capture the unseen beauty and the love that exists between you and your family. The photographs created will be a lasting legacy, a visual journey that you and your children can cherish throughout your lives.

Solstice sessions

starting at $925


Full Circle

A year of aristry

The impact of our Full Circle Package goes beyond simple documentation. It's about leaving an emotional imprint, capturing the love and connections within your family. I want these photographs to resonate, to evoke profound feelings and emotions, and become an eternal testament to the love shared among every member of your family. Every session is captured in a mix of digital and film. This package gives a savings of $600 and includes:

-A pregnancy, newborn, six month and one year session.
-75+ images for you to print/share/save how you please from each session. 
-8x12 fine art print credit for my lab for each session. 

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What if my child doesn't want to participate? 

Your child can do no wrong! I will remind you of this beforehand and throughout our session. I will be prompting you to embrace whatever comes. That's how we get photos that are real and show your true connection. 

What if we're sick? It rains?

I've been doing this a long time. I'm also a Mom myself. I'm always happy to be flexible if it's really just not the day for your family. It happens. That being said we don't need a perfectly sunny day for amazing photos. The fog is moody and lovely in it's own right.  

I'm awkward in photos. How will you help?

Our  time together should feel like a great date. Or one of those family adventures where everyone has a good time. Part of what makes things flow is prep ahead of time. The rest will be spontaneity and game playing on the day!

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